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Founder & Instructor: Pro-Surfer William "Chino" Sue-A-Quan


William "Chino" Sue-A-Quan, Born and Raised in Puerto Rico started surfing when he was 9 years old. Started competing as amateur when he was 12, after completing High school and while in college decided to become a Professional Surfer and chase the professional Tour around the world.  He has been surfing for 25 years and has been competing for 20 years. Chino implemented and developed Tow Surfing in Puerto Rico, lived in Hawaii for several years while Competing on the ASP tour, is the first and only surfer in Puerto Rico to ever Tow surf the infamous outer at JAWS, He's been National Champion, Pan-American Champion, has won distinguished competitions, first Puerto Rican to accomplish an international win in Hawaii, and always drug free.
















Surfing lessons take place on different surfing spots in the island; They are for all ages. NO EXEPERIENCE Necessary!!

Lessons are in private, groups, special events or parties.

GetOur objective amid surf lessons is for individuals to have a fabulous time Life time memory and obviously to figure out how to surf with the correct hardware in a protected domain with the best possible directions by experts.

Ashore we show hypothesis and after that we make them surf with an educator. We show sea Safety, how to recognize waves, what sort of hardware is utilized, profundity - on the off chance that it's reef or sand (at times its both). Tide (on the off chance that it's high or low), how to recognize threat, abstaining from getting hit by the board, distinguish streams, how to keep away from impacts, how to stay in control of your surfboard on various circumstances, and how to overwhelm the waves while you're surfing.

We are the only surfing school in Puerto Rico dedicated and that teaches everything with Real Surfers and REAL EXPERTS!!


What's included?


THE BEST SERVICE, Personal Assistance Surf board, surf coaching, Stretching, Warm-up's, Practice on the Beach, Beach Etiquette, Surf Sessions, Rash Guards, wax, Leash, Ocean Safety, and much more!!


This level is intended for the individuals who don't have an unmistakable reference to what surfing is about, we show them how to surf on a sheltered shoreline with little waves they find out about the best possible gear, how stand up on the surfboard, how to extend, shoreline manners, fundamental surfing lesson, sea security and heaps of fun. Ideal for those people who constantly needed to surf yet never knew where to begin, here's your opportunity to satisfy your fantasy!!


This level is designed for those surfers who have the basic knowledge of surfing and want to upgrade their skills. We demand more from their abilities. After stretching we go surfing on better bigger waves; we practice wave selection, style, maneuvers, how to paddle faster, and other techniques.






This is for those who already know how to surf! On this level we practice how to improve your surfing, how to compete, how to do radical maneuvers, how to ride in the barrel, how to surf small, medium and big waves, how to order a quiver, how to not get injured and how to get sponsored!!

We teach Safety, how to identify waves, what kind of equipment is used, depth - if it's reef or sand (sometimes its both). Tide (if it's high or low), how to identify reef, currents, how to avoid collisions, how to stay in control of your surfboard on different situations, and how to dominate the waves.

Surfing Lessons

$85 (2 hours) private rate
1-hour lessons and 1-hour board rental.

$50 (1 hour and half) group rate
1/2-hour lesson and 1-hour board rental.

What to bring?

Towel, sunscreen & proper attire (girls must wear shorts).